Twinkl Conduit is a new Secondary product at Twinkl, aimed predominantly at the Scottish market, for teachers to use with Secondary-aged learners. It provides a range of resources to teach the skills learners need to progress through the Curriculum for Excellence (Cfe) and in to the Senior Phase.
I was the lead designer when developing the logo, branding, marketing assets and resources for Conduit. I aimed to explore new ways of connecting to Secondary teachers, through using bold colours and simple shapes, taking inspiration from Bauhaus design.
The name 'Conduit' was created to reflect the Secondary Cfe curriculum, that instead of telling students directly what to learn, teaches them to create connections within their subjects. This was supported by the meaning of the word conduit, which 'connects two places' and became a design inspiration for our logo, that joins at the beginning.
We worked closely with Twinkl's brand team and Twinkl Scotland's writers to develop the designs while also gathering feedback from focus groups. Conduit is set to launch in
August 2022.

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