Within this University Project, I was given one week to produce an A4 publication responding to my Critical Analysis Essay regarding representation within picture books when aiming to promote inclusivity. 
The brief restricted us to using only methods of collage, printing techniques and limited colour palettes, forcing the booklet to be more playful with form and concepts when dictating layouts. 
Due to the tight turnaround, quick decision making was required that strongly impacted the compositions and stylistic choice for simplicity. I thoroughly enjoyed creating the characters that guide a reader through my publication, and was able to utilise many of the concepts presented within my critical analysis essay to reflect the key themes. 
Within my essay and publication, I draw upon the content of successful, representative picture books when aiming to promote inclusive behaviours. I additionally discuss many of the start-up projects aimed at underrepresented Ethnic minority creators and their role when pushing for accurate, representative voices and stories to be heard.

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